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Ethiopian Camp 2018
August 2-5

We are committed to keeping kids connected to their heritage so that they are well rounded individuals with a positive self image and a greater sense of community with their peers. In addition, we are committed to creating support groups in bringing together parents of Ethiopian children to share their great common goal of raising self-assured and well-adjusted Ethiopian-Americans. To that end, we organize and sponsor various cultural events, heritage camps, homeland visits.

AbshiroKids - Connecting Our Kids
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"What We Live For"

A most incredible gift we can give to our kids - the chance to discover a key aspect of who they are. It is truly a selfless gesture and is indeed the wiser choice to keep our children connected and aware of their rich cultural heritage

We are delighted to bring you the eighth annual Heritage and Culture Camp, a unique camp that is the ONLY Ethiopian camp dedicated to bringing together ALL families raising Ethiopian-American children. Our camp is a 4 day/3 night fun filled, family getaway that provides an authentic cultural atmosphere and numerous educational opportunities for both kids and their parents.

While the classes and activities are great reasons to attend the camp, the sense of community it provides to our first-generation Ethiopian kids is priceless. For many kids it is the only opportunity they have each year to really immerse themselves in their heritage, learn about their culture and language, and explore their feelings in a supportive community. Seeing the kids having fun, learning, enjoying being themselves, and not worrying about fitting-in is a reward unto itself!! Our goal for the camp is to help us raise confident, well adjusted, Ethiopian-American children - some may say our goals are lofty, but our kids deserve nothing less.

During the course of organizing and conducting previous years' camps, we met and got to know a great many families and individuals dedicated and committed to the well being of Ethiopian-American children. We very much enjoyed meeting and getting to know all the families who participated in previous Camps. We are looking forward to seeing all of you again and for the opportunity to renew friendships each year. We also look forward to warmly welcoming and getting to know families who are joining us for the first time.

Finally, the organizers of The Heritage and Culture Camp want to acknowledge the feedback and the encouragement we have received. It means the world to us, as we strive to bring you an event of the highest quality.

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